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Sample Essay – Introduction to Overpopulation

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The world today has to deal with many issues. All global issues are to an extent made worse due to overpopulation.

Due to the lack of economic resources and land, people do not have the means required for their sustenance. This tends to lead to wars as people fight for territory which is not theirs.

Due to many countries being overpopulated, there is not enough food, shelter or medical help for everyone. As a result of this, many people lose their lives and those who survive find it hard to. Diseases spread which leads to epidemics which if once started are hard to contain.

In order to deal with the large number of people, factories and manufacturers increase the production of goods and services. This may initially help but the consequences of this are extremely terrible. Production of goods leads to an increase in pollution. Apart from this, resources which are scarce to begin with start depleting at a rapid pace. The consumption of non-renewable resources increases as more and more goods are required for the increasing number of people.

Overpopulation certainly does need to be controlled before it gets even more out of hand. Economists and businessmen are already finding it hard to serve the population now as it is; if more people were to be born, how would the service sector provide for them?

Certain measures need to be taken in order for the number of children born to a family is not…

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