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  1. 1. Logos

This letter is a reaction to the news published in the San Diego time, the writer is arguing his or her case based on the news published in the newspaper and also an organization—The Thomas Moore Law Center. It appears that the information that the writer provides is based on these reports.  Each argument by the writer is very clear as he/she discusses various issues very plainly.

The first argument is that that government and military people are not allowed to wear their uniforms for a political or special interest occasion. Public servants can do these things off duty but not while they are on duty. Secondly the writer talks about constitutional right the freedom to or not to participate in an event, this he/she calls constructional right. Third the writer discusses the workplace abuse and the abuse3 of power by the fire chief. The letter is not at all biased it is quite independent in its opinion. And each argument as stated before is quite clear.

  1. 2. Ethos

What the writer has written is convincing because the writer is well-versed in the different issues related to the event. He is very clear about first the prohibition of public servants to participate in political or special interest events, secondly about the constitutional rights and third about the workplace abuse. Without sounding partisan the writer is convincing in his or her argument and demands that corrective actions be taken. In addition without being homophobic the letter is very insistent and would appeal to the audiences targeted. In addition it demands that appropriate actions be taken so that the aggrieved parties can be compensated appropriately.


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