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The two essays, Macbeth: Tragic Hero or Villain? And Exploring the Heroism of Macbeth are about Shakespeare’s Play Macbeth and the main character Macbeth. However, after going through both the essays it becomes apparent that both essays are written two different rhetorical styles approaching the same subject from two very different angles.

The first essay is descriptive because it describes the character of Macbeth, stating in the first paragraph that he is a tragic hero and not a villain. Then the writer goes on to discuss in detail the different qualities or major flaws that Macbeth has, like he believes too much in the witches prophesy. Here the writer points out that the downfall started and his flaw appears in Act 1, Scene 3. On one hand the withes corrupt him, and on the other hand he is also vulnerable. As the next description gives details how he comes to believe and work on his wife’s plan. Although at one point he is confused but as another evidence shows that he is in fact quite willing to change under pressure.

Macbeth’s confusion and remorse after he kills Duncan shows that he in fact is not a bad person but other people’s influence and his own lust for power lead him to all these actions. And his misery at the very end shows that he a tragic hero.

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