Sample Term Paper

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This is a term paper on major wars on globalization. Alien smuggling and money laundering are some of the issues discussed in this term paper.

  • Alien Smuggling: the author notes, that Alien Business is the fastest growing business in the world today. Human smuggling is “allied” with those involved in illegal product sales. Women and children are traded in majority. In addition children in Africa are enslaved. And the migration pressure is growing progressively in the developed countries.
  • Money Laundering: this practice of hiding funds from various institutions for different reasons depending on the motives of the people involved. Money laundering is between eight hundred billion and two trillion dollars. Moreover, the technology and Internet are increasing his trend.

These trends will gain strength and become even more sophisticated in view of the global trends. And even democracy will further abet this trend. The reasons for the success of the networks are because, they are not geographically bound countries, and instead they are highly decentralized networks. They defy traditional concept of Sovereignty and move with great ease across borders. They pit governments against market forces, the price of goods and services are very important. They pit bureaucracies against networks, the networks are interlinked and allied with each other making it very difficult for bureaucracies to tackle them.

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