Sample Paper

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A. Who is usually the audience for articles indicating how to “say NO”?



The articles in particular this article is addressed to women and tells them how to say no to their partner, particularly before marriage. This particular website is a pro-life pro-family conservative website. (Saying No To Sex without Hurting the Other Person’s Feelings)

B. Are there articles providing advice for ensuring that you do not violate your partner’s wishes regarding sexual behavior? If so, who is usually the audience for such articles?
Yes there are websites providing advice on sexual behavior, and not violating partner’s wishes. I think the audience here is not females in particular but whoever is interested in taking advice. (All Sex Advice)

Making yourself understood is not only important the first time you have sex with a person, but also in ongoing relationships. You want to be sure that both you and your partner agree about trying a new type of sexual behavior, for example.
Sexual Scenario . Write a scene in which an established couple negotiates a new sexual activity.


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