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This  term paper discusses the history and the purpose of the Malcolm Baldrige Award. It also answers the question about who Malcolm Baldrige was and why the award is given.

  1. 1. Describe the history of Malcolm Baldrige and of the award that is named for him.
    Malcolm Baldrige was Secretary of Commerce from 1981 until his catastrophic accidental death in July 1987. Mr. Baldrige was a promoter of quality management as a key to this country’s prosperity and long-term strength. He took a personal attention in the quality improvement act that was ultimately named after him and helped draft one of the early versions. In gratitude of his contributions, Congress named the award in his honor. (Frequently Asked Questions)

In the early and mid-1980s, many industry and government leaders perceive that a renewed emphasis on quality was no longer an option for American companies but an obligation for doing business in an ever expanding, and more difficult, competitive world market. But many American businesses either did not consider quality mattered for them or did not know where to begin. The Baldrige Award was visualizing as a standard of excellence that would help U.S. companies attain world-class quality. (Frequently Asked Questions)

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