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Business operations involve a great deal of business management. There are many ways in which management can be carried out in a business and with the help of these diverse approaches towards the theoretical as well as practical background of management, words such as ‘organization’ and ‘management’ have become well known.

The view of management is different by different people. Managers for instance will have a different outlook and will express their views regarding management differently as compared to the way in which management will be taught in school and universities. There is no single definition of management which can describe it thoroughly although it is the definition which was provided by Henri Fayol eighty years ago which has remained consistent and is very much preferred.

Many people have tried to explain what management theories are and how they can be applied to the daily activities of the business. The path which management theories make use of are different and each theory is entangled with one another (David J.Lemak). These…

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