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Marijuana is an illegal drug which is very commonly used in America. Marijuana is found in either gray, brown or green mixtures and is usually made using certain parts of the hemp plant. Marijuana is known by many other names, particularly among the younger generations. Other names for Marijuana are pot, weed, gangster, Mary Jane, boom, grass and chronic. These are only some versions of alternative names for Marijuana; there exist more than 200 names.

When marijuana enters the body, it alters the way in which the mind functions. The various amount of chemicals found in marijuana make it hard for a person’s mind to function properly and in the normal manner. For marijuana to alter the mind however, a certain amount of it is required. The number of people who make use of marijuana in the United States has increased considerably over the past years. Not only are adults making use of this drug, many teenagers also make use of marijuana along with other drugs.

Apart from drugs many teens make use of cigarettes and alcohol as well which are equally dangerous and result in disaster for a person’s health. Each of these substances has its own negative consequences despite what the users of these substances think. Surely these things result in temporary relief from stress and tension of life, in the long run these substances are all harmful for the body; not only mentally but physiologically as well. The use of marijuana…

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