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Sample Essay – Marketing of Abortion Essay

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Abortion is a procedure which has given rise to various opinions amongst people. It is considered to be a controversial topic as people have various judgments regarding it. Not only does the topic of abortion affect the politicians of the country, it affects every living human being because this is a topic which revolves around the life of a human being.

This is a choice which women should make as this directly affects them. The society cannot decide for the woman whether or not she should have a baby or have it aborted. A written law cannot be used in this regard.

In the past, many laws existed which prohibited abortion from taking place. It was in 1973 however that Roe v Wade abolished these laws.

In medical terms, abortion is referred to as the procedure by which the products involved in conception are made to exit prematurely. These products consist of the fetus, the placenta and the membranes. A common man however associates abortion with ending a pregnancy which was never wanted by the woman. Abortion is a process which has been in use for a very long time, perhaps since the 13th century (Friesian). In the past, women needed ways in which they could terminate their pregnancies…

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