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What are the goals of the company? This part of the essay will discuss quantitative aspects of the goal, such as entering the market, increasing market share and the desire to create company name recognition, as well as image.


XYZ Company is a startup company in the wireless industry. Specifically, XYZ is in the cell phone sector of the industry. It began as a company that sold phones and accessories; however recently the company has made arrangement to move from the accessory and phone provider into selling actual services. The move to becoming a service provider is a large one, but the owner of XYZ entered the wireless business upon graduation from college. During the twenty years in the wireless industry he had the opportunity to work in wireless divisions a major telecommunications company while the wireless area was still small and followed the company’s progress and the explosion of the cell phone market segment until last year. This experience will be invaluable, as will the contacts and technical knowledge he gained along the way. The company realizes that competition, especially among the major players in the field is stiff and that it will be difficult; however, XYZ’s owner hopes to develop a niche and take the market share in the niche until one of the major players takes notice and offers to buy him out.

This marketing strategy is composed of two parts, the sector overview that is relevant to the strategy, followed by (in each segment) how XYZ Company will approach each portion.

The strategy will answer the following questions in an attempt to reach the desired results:

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