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The humanities are the ideas, and the words that assist people to make sense of their lives and their world. The humanities connect people, places, and ideas s. By showing how others have lived and thought about life, the humanities help us choose what is important in individual’s own lives and what they can do to make them better. By connecting with other people, they point the way to answers about what is right or wrong, or what is true to our legacy and history. The humanities help individuals deal with the challenges we face together in our families, our communities, and as an inhabitants.

One cannot imagine the development of contemporary culture without the life-giving rays of meditative art embodied in the works of such people as Dante, Goethe, Leo Tolstoy, Balzac, Pushkin, Lermontov, Dostoyevsky, Tchaikovsky, and Beethoven. Culture would have had a very diverse history but for the brilliant minds that gave us their masterpieces of painting, music, poetry and prose. The whole world of people’s thoughts and feelings would have been limited, and incomparably poorer. And individuals would also have been damaged. The humanities should not be confused with “humanism,” a specific philosophical belief, nor with “humanitarianism,” the concern for charitable works and social transformation.


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