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Human mentality also take part in committing any kind of crimes, it could be robbery, theft, snatching, rape and murder. This one is the least understood and least understandable aspect of crime against humanity. The mental elements take essential part in developing strategies and formalize the thinking to a strong act. These acts could lead a state to open warfare.

Recent example is a War on Terrorism, which has been started after the attack on World Trade Centre. This lapse is to some extent explained by the state of affairs of the carnages that have historically delimited the perpetration of these crimes. What Nazi could successfully argue that he had no idea his crimes were contributing to the harassment of millions of Jews? What Serb soldier could disagree that he believed his torment of a Muslim civilian was separate to the enveloping torture of Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina? The extensive advertising and general awareness of these horrors alleviate the need for judges and prosecutors to remain on the question of whether the charged understood the connection between his or her act and the broader attack.

From prosecutor and accused the mental element is essential. The one couldn’t be identified as a criminal for the conduct which is not done by him/her self but in order to obey the instructions directed form the chain of command. Thus, its required a deep analysis of the events and if there is a policy involved which is most likely in the case of war fare, it requires a careful selection to prosecute.

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