Sample Essay

Words 1,115


This short essay by the Jack Winter is a humorous piece which uses language to put his point across; it is about his meeting with his wife. He uses word commonly spoken but uses them partially with the prefix missing like Chalant for nonchalant, or sipid instead of insipid. These are just two examples, however the whole essay consists of such words and brings out the humor in the piece especially when he uses phrases like” she was a descript person” or was in a state of total array.” Common clichés are morphemes which are used. He changes the word structure to put his point across. The morpheme is without a prefix.


Descript is the word used in the essay which is a morpheme from the word nondescript, nondescript means lacking descriptive or interesting qualities as the Merriam Webster Dictionary describes,  non is the prefix and descriptus is the Latin word past participle of describere to describe. It also means a person not very interesting so to the author the woman was something interesting so he used the word descript.


There are many instances in this essay where the words derived without their morphemes just don’t work, like gruntled and consulate don’t mean anything without their prefixes attached disgruntled and disconsolate. And ruly crowd with strong givings. Here unruly has been broken into ruly and misgivings has the prefix mis removed from it. Thus these derivations though quite humorous do not really work in English language and have been used here in the essay for humor only.


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