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Writing essays is probably one of the most tiring academic activities but there are no options and you have to do it no matter what if you are to complete your studies. Now the question is everyone writes essays and some of them are really good while some are bad, some are average and some are really exceptional, what makes an essay a million dollar essay? When we say exceptionally well most of the people will naturally look for elements making these essays exceptional and stand apart from the rest. It is not easy to write these kinds of essays considering that most of the students really struggle to put the basics right. The purpose of this article is to provide you some useful guidelines as to how to write an essay that can be termed as exceptional.

Passion for Writing

You must possess the element of passion when it comes to writing exceptional essays. You must be someone who just loves writing on different issues regularly. Without keen interest and passion you will not be going anywhere and chances are your essays will turn up as average or even low quality.

An Eye for Reading

Along with the passion you must be someone who also loves reading on different issues regularly. When you read and absorb different pieces of writing and you learn to use that information in your own writing. Therefore reading is an important aspect when it comes to writing exceptional essay. You must be information savvy and look for new trends and situations related to your own academic field and generally in the world.



Practice makes a Student Perfect

Now the last not the least is the element of sheer writing practice on various issues on a very regular basis. You must make up your mind to write something on a daily basis no matter what it is. It can be anything that you find interesting and write around thousand to fifteen hundred words daily to make your writing flawless and interesting.

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