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The movie had wonderfully started off from the newsreel that stated why a president like John F Kennedy would be assassinated. Obviously there were certain steps that were taken by the president by which some of the bodies from the government and non-government were not agreed. The fact that was never thought of at the time of the investigation was the attack on the John F. Kennedy by the third shooter (Costner). The controversy sprung up regarding who assassinated the president.

Some concluded that the John F. Kennedy was punished and assassinated just because he wanted the country to stay away from the Vietnam War while others projected their perspectives that the reason behind the assassination of the John F. Kennedy was that he wanted to harm the mafia and clear the criminal grounds. One thins was sure Due to all these controversies that there was a conspiracy behind the assassination (Costner).

According to the director’s own angle of focusing the conspiracy, the gunmen were three in count and they were all associated with the central intelligence agency (CIA). The men that were brought on the front as the cause of the assassination were namely Guy BannisterDavid FerrieCarlos Bringuier and Clay Shaw. Some of the critiques appreciated the facts that were brought to light by the director Oliver Stone (Costner).

The critiques who praised the work by the director included the editor of the Sun magazine, Robert Ebert and others renowned newspaper editors commented as positive and accepted the conspiracy that has been displayed in the movie. The movie is a milestone and is an in-depth story that no one knew at the time of the assassination.

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