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This term paper discusses nuclear energy. No fishes have died as a result of nuclear power plant operation. The same cannot be said for hydroelectric power.

No fishes have died as a result of nuclear power plant operation. The same cannot be said for hydroelectric power. Because of the near-elimination of salmon runs, infringe hydroelectric dams on the Snake River in Washington is being critically considered. The US Representative to UN Organizations in Vienna, Ambassador John B. Ritch III, has declared that “only nuclear energy can help meet the world’s energy needs without threatening the environment.” (ENS, 2000) Worldwide, dependence on nuclear energy has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by almost 500 million metric tons annually. No release of greenhouse gases carbon dioxide or other poisonous gases. It is one of the main gases causing the greenhouse effect and leading to atmospheric warming. Coal and oil (petrol) have sulfur contamination and when they are burned, sulfur dioxide is responsible for acid rain. When any fossil fuel (coal, oil or natural gas) is burned, nitrogen oxides are also produced – they cause smog and city pollution.

Nuclear power plants are one of the most inexpensive forms of energy production. Fuel costs for a corresponding amount of power are about 33% the cost for fossil production, and resources and non-fuel operating costs are approximately alike, ensuing in the overall cost of nuclear generation of electricity running 50% to 80% that of other resources. This is in spite of the reality that capital costs have been massively inflated due to lawsuits, court sanctions, and other impediments used by persons and groups conflicting to nuclear power. (Nuclear Energy Institute, 2003)

The importance of nuclear energy cannot be denied; by far, it is the safest and most economic source of energy production that is the least harmful to environment. For long-term conservation of fossil fuels and reducing our dependence on oil from abroad nuclear energy is the answer as it is relatively environmentally safer than other means of power generation.

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