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Our world and our society is constantly evolving and changing for the better. Due to this development, changes occur in the lives of people which affect their daily lives. In order for individuals today to prepare for their future and evolve with the changing world, they need to accept the challenges and they must face them with an open mind and hence develop themselves as individuals as well.

With the changes in technology and education technology, computers and various other things have become a part of our daily lives to an extent that we cannot live without them (Gilbert Valdez). It would be difficult to find a person today who believes that the various organizations which exist ought to make use of technology on a lower scale. When it is said that technology should not be used in schools to a great extent, most students and adolescents are unable to comprehend what is meant by this. To them, the internet and the computer is something which plays a vital role and affects the relationship which they have with their family, friends and school. Teenagers and their parents both believe that using the internet enhances the social life which they have and helps teens in the academic work which they carry out. Despite this, not everyone in society is willing to accept or is able to adapt to the technological society which is gradually developing. This could be due to no personal progress having been made with the help of technology and the misunderstandings associated with it do not…

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