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African American literature is rich and profound in its ideas, but it is also acts as a medium which presents different aspects of reality faced by African Americans in their daily existence.

Most prolific and well-known African American writers are women; however there is quite a lot of literature about African American men, their role in society and their identity in fiction and non-fiction. In spite of this fact it is also true that although there is a lot of attention being paid to them, but the increasing distorted lives of young Black men, their social and metaphorical extinction has been a subject of many Black male writers, who through their work have tried to indicate that black males are not just experiencing problems they are literally disappearing. Similarly when discussing the role and social identity of black men , especially in American literature one cannot ignore the role of Western culture which has shaped and molded their lives, simultaneously negating their roots and tradition. It cannot be denied that literary scholars have paid more attention the oppressed black women, while the idea of oppressed males has not been explored as extensively as in feminist literature. Wallace in his book claims that:

“[a]t no point in the history of the New World . . . has race not constituted a defining feature of our national manhood”(2)

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