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Research Paper Proposal – Passionate Crime

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This is a research paper proposal on criminology. The man objective of this research paper is to investigate a murder committed by Lizzie to kill her parents and the motive behind the murder.

Five weeks after the trial, Lizzie who henceforth called herself “Lizbeth” bought and moved into a thirteen-room, stone house at 306 French Street in Fall River. It was positioned on “The Hill”, the city’s most fashionable area. Lizzie named the house “Maplecroft” and had the name carved into the top step leading up to the front door.

There have been many theories and debates about who killed Mr. And Mrs. Borden.  People have tried to investigate this crime from every angle and there is a lot of literature and investigation about the case. I intend to title my research of this case as A Crime of Passion.

My objective is to find out:

  • To investigate first if Lizzie really did kill her parents.
  • What circumstances led her to commit the crime.
  • What happened that she was acquitted so easily.

For this I will go through an extensive amount of information available about the case and analyze the different theories prevalent since the past hundred years. And after evaluating the various ideas, and taking into account the primary and secondary documents, I intend to reach present my own evaluation of the case.

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