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Biographical Information

I am an emigrant from Iran, I came to United States when I was just sixteen years old and it took me eight months to get here. I worked myself through college and university, and while I was at university of California at Berkley, I first came into contact with dentistry, and that was just the beginning of my career, I completed dental school at OUP. My first two years were very good, in my first year I received the anatomical Award and in my second year, I got the TKO Honors. My third year was not that successful and my grades fell due to financial and personal reasons. I met and married my wife who was a senior student at OUP School of Dentistry.

Academic Details and Interests

After graduation I worked with different practices as an associate for five years, I did this gain some experience. Finally in 1998 I was able to open my own clinic ABC dentals, which has now expanded to three branches and there are five associates working with me. Presently I am practicing all aspects of dentistry including implantology. I first became interested in implantology in 1994 and went to Sweden for a CE course offered by Branemark. It was a one-week clinical observation and lecture course, including both surgical and prosthetics. In spite of the fact that this field was very interesting but I never got a chance to further my knowledge and experience till about two years ago when I started taking CE courses I have done 300 units, including advanced cadaver surgery, surgical and prosthetic courses in implantology, IV sedation and occlusion.

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