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Plagiarism - An Academic Crime in Essays

Plagiarism (misuse of others’ creative works, ideas, words and images) is considered as one of the biggest academic crimes on the international level. Plagiarism occurs when the college or university students steal words, ideas, and academic point of views of others and portray as if the academic papers are written by them without referring or citing the specific author. In this way, plagiarism is stealth where the offender plagiarizes unknowingly or knowingly certain viewpoints or quotes or some other piece of writings.  When one author uses ones’ words, sentences, viewpoints and quotes without proper citation, he would be guilty of plagiarism. At the educational institutes, when college students are accused of plagiarism, they have to face severe penalty.

The word, ‘plagiarism’ is indisputably one of the most notorious words and it is a very serious concern as to how to check this grave academic crime. It is very important for writers to realize the significance of authentic writing work and what severe crime plagiarism is. When writers transcript the content of the college essay papers from different internet sources, they commit serious academic crime of plagiarism.  Some writers just change a certain part of the academic essays while rest of the essays remain unchanged, though they tried to rewrite all content but still the same structural content of college academic papers, though  few sentences or wording has been changed. Some writers are accustomed to copy-paste the content from different websites and then change some phraseology with great manipulation but if some sentences are not changed erroneously, it would be counted as aggravated academic crime, plagiarism.

The word plagiarism is derived from Latin word which implies for kidnapping or stealing and in academic point of view, plagiarism is to transcript one s’ viewpoints in his writing. Plagiarism is a serious offense which is growing academic issues in the colleges and universities. What are the fine charges or penalties? How the penalties on act of this academic crime is different, depending upon the institute or country.  Some universities or colleges penalize the college students for plagiarism in term papers by expelling them from university or accusing with official transcript record or suspending the students from the universities or colleges. There should be implementation of copyright laws which can be imposed upon the offenders who cheat the teachers by plagiarizing their academic papers or term papers from multiple sources like internet, newspaper, magazines and books etc.  The students should be trained by the teacher in this way that they never tend to plagiarize any kind of writing stuff from any sources without citation. The students should enhance their own creative power by making efforts for writing genuine academic paper. If the students always try to cheat different ideas, words and sentences from other sources, they never improve their thinking and writing ability. The students should work hard to learn and improve their writing ability rather than committing serious offence of plagiarism!

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