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What does the term ‘health’ mean? Health is referred to a person’s mental, social and physical well being (Burch). Previously, people defined health as there being no disease present in a person. Health is something which can be promoted and promoting health helps a person in making use of his/her ability to make their health better and have a certain degree of control over it.

A healthy individual is he who can adjust himself according to the surroundings. A person will always have to face various types of changes in the environment and if he/she can adapt to these changes, he would be considered healthy. It is wrong to think that promoting health should only be carried out by doctors and those in the health industry. This is not true. Everyone is responsible for their own health and how this responsibility is taken care of reflects a person’s personality and lifestyle.

Health promotion is something which is important to retailers, employers, athletes and even the government because it is the environment and social factors which influence a person’s health and well being (Ottawa Charter). A joint effort is what can help in providing better services and a cleaner, healthier environment which should be the ultimate goal for everyone. Having this goal will help in providing a healthier and safe environment…

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