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Abortion has existed in America for a long time. It is probably the first time that most of the Americans are supporters of Pro-Life rather than of Pro-Choice. Out of the whole population in America, 51% of the people believe that abortion should be made illegal in the country whereas 42% believe that abortion can still remain legal in the country, These figures were the result of a poll carried out in America relating to abortion,

Supporters of Pro-Life believe that when a child is born, he/she has been given a purpose in this world and if the child is aborted, the plans which God has made for the child are ruined (D’Silva). After conceiving an embryo, the fetus begins to have a heartbeat after 21 days of conception. Due to this, those against abortion believe that killing a fetus which has a heartbeat is considered as murder.

Supporters of the Pro-life too have a concern about the health of the mother as undergoing an abortion poses serious threats to not only the child but also to the well being of the mother. Problems such as a bladder injury, infertility and bowel injury may result from an abortion. Not only does abortion lead to short term problems, it may even affect the chances of later pregnancies with complications arising.

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