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One of the most debatable and controversial topics these days is that of gun control. Gun control can be good and it can be bad. It all depends on the situation in which gun control is being analyzed. Gun control is something which the government of the United States should not plan for as something firearm is what determines whether you live or die. If people have the right to be able to carry a gun, they have the right to protect their lives and their freedom; they can use it to defend themselves. Guns and other firearms are used around 2.5 million times in a year; this accounts to 4 times as much a criminal uses firearms. This also results in around 2600 people having had their lives protected compared to the 1 life lost due to a gun (SAF). People who are concerned with the issue of gun control are usually those who have lost a loved one or family member due to firearms. This particularly applies to the United States as it is in this country that children are more at risk. In a certain year, no child was killed in Japan due to firearms, 19 were killed in Britain, 57 in Germany, 153 in Canada, 109 in France and 5286 in America (NEA). This shows that…

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