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According to research the rescue teams and other workers at the sight of the tragedy are still suffering from health and psychological impacts. It was reported that 70% of the rescue personnel had lung problems.

And these problems were not short term but had long term impact.  And even after five years people report new or deteriorating nasal and sinuses problems. In addition many of them face psychological distress. More than half the survivors report respiratory problems and all of them have a strong possibility of mental and emotional distress, while 10% of the screened tested positive for psychological distress. It is thought that the debris from the falling tower was toxic and the can cause serious diseases like cancer. (Medical Research News, 2006)

Economic Impact

The economic impact although there was not that great. The policies adopted by the government were able to keep in check the possible problems. However in the short term there were major falls in the stock market and the losses were huge. In addition tourism and airlines have been adversely affected as people have become more cautious especially when travelling to certain parts of the world. A majority of the economic problems that resulted were not the direct result of the 9/11 attack but a result of the policies and the regulations that were taken by various governments to protect against more terror attacks in future. (Wikipedia)

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