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This term paper discusses spectra in detail followed by a detailed discussion of atoms, electrons, protons, photons and molecules. The term paper also discusses the application of spectroscopy in astronomy.

Kirchoff’s law discusses relationship between various types of spectra. A spectroscope is used to split a beam of light into different frequencies. Hot objects mostly emit continuous spectrum of radiation containing lights of different wavelengths. Its continuous emission on radiation is passed through cool gas will cause absorption. Emission and absorption lines are unique. Spectroscopy is the study of spectral lines.

Bohr presented one of the earliest models. Elements are composed of tiny atoms protons are positively charged particles and electrons are negatively charged particles, they are always equal in number when an electron is excited and moves out of its orbit the atom acquires a charge and it becomes ionized. Electron’s energy is quantized. The electromagnetic radiation has both wave and particle property. Particles of radiations are the photons. Differences in the energy between two states during electron’s motion are absorbed in form of photons. Photons have a definite energy and color.

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