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Cheating is one of the major problems that exists in the academic environment and is presently the most important issues at tertiary level education. Research has shown that a significantly large number of undergraduates cheat and this number has increased in the past thirty years (McCabe et al., 2001). In addition even graduate students tend to cheat as much as the undergraduate students. Nonis & Swift, (2001) in their research have found that there are links between dishonesty as a student and dishonesty in their subsequent careers. Thus the impact of dishonesty like cheating in academic life may have far-reaching consequences.

Partly this increase in cheating plagiarism is associated with students understanding of the Information technology, the internet, online student guides and research papers and the simplicity in how information can be downloaded and used. And this kind of cheating has become common knowledge as it has also gained public attention. Easy access to the internet is one of the reason why there has been a drop in academic honesty and responsibility specifically in the case of plagiarism as there are indications of extensive plagiarism in universities and colleges. According to one report:”officials at some colleges say that in recent years they have seen a sharp increase in students cutting and pasting material into papers from Web sites without attribution, or purchasing term papers from online term-paper mills” (Young, 2001, A26). There are several ways through which students cheat using internet.

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