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Introduction to Research Papers Ideas

It is always difficult to get research paper ideas if your professor has assigned you a topic from a list. You are not left with enough choices and may eventually select a very difficult topic. If your professor allows you to choose your own topic, then life becomes very easy for you as you have the luxury to select whatever topic you feel is easy to research.

Research papers are very important for getting through a course with a good grade as they carry almost half of the percentage of the grade. If you can produce a quality research paper utilizing all the necessary skills and expertise, you will highly impress your professor, confirming an A.

The most difficult part of working on a research paper is to collect different ideas as too much information is spread on various sources. You must be as relevant and selective as possible with your ideas and information. Following are the guidelines on where to get ideas from:

Previous Research Papers

Try to look for previous research papers on the same topic. This will give you an idea about how to structure and organize your research paper using different ideas and information.

Online Forums

Look for online forums where you can get different ideas. You may find something more interesting, and it will help you build an interesting research paper.


Look for various magazines related to your topic. Magazines can help you find authentic information about your topic.


Start gathering ideas from your own course books initially, as this will give you an idea of the subtopics that you need to cover using other sources. Use as many sources as possible and select all the relevant information. Finally, organize the sources and write them in a logical manner.

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