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Once you enter university, you will be required to write research papers on various topics. Sometimes your professors will provide you with the topic to write on whereas other times you would have to select a topic on your own and write on it. Writing a research paper helps a person establish his/her research skills and enables him/her to know what is relevant to a topic and what isn’t.

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Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder aka manic-depressive illness is a mental disorder which is characterized by shifts in a person’s activity level, energy level and mood. These shifts and changes occur daily. The symptoms which determine a person as having this disease are very severe which can cause harm to any relationship a person may have. Due to this illness, performance is also hampered and negative thoughts are produced in the mind of a person affected by this illness. With the correct treatment however, people suffering from bipolar disorder can lead a productive and normal life.

Bipolar disorder can be diagnosed in a person as early as his/her teens. It can even be diagnosed in childhood as well as later on in life. Sometimes, this disorder is not recognized as it is difficult to determine in its early stages. Bipolar disorder is a long term if not a lifelong illness however it is not terminal.

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