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This essay discusses the role of Law enforcements in school violence. Law enforcement should work with schools to devise district-wide and school- specific violence prevention programs and crisis response plans.

1. Police Training

Address the conditions that add to school violence. Include working training that deals with issues effecting school violence, conflict resolution, school violence scenarios, and response guidelines. Train officers in handling communications with school administrators, teachers, and students. Train selected officers how to conduct school security assessments. Train selected officers on school related threat assessment and responses.

Patrol school grounds and develop

SROs can prevent violence and other forms of misconduct by being a visible presence at the school and by serving the school develop and implement violence prevention programs. This can be done by developing and sustaining working partnerships with area schools. Bring students found outside of school either back to school or to a truancy center. Visit the homes of these children to help resolve whether their parents/guardians have been careless or violent. They can also provide direction to school personnel on how to spot hidden weapons and what steps they should and should not take when they suspect students are carrying them. Moreover, they can provide schools with guidelines and examples of when to contact the police.

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