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Sample Term Paper

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This is a term paper discussing the existence of God in view of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Saint Thomas Aquinas was a Catholic theologian in the 13th century. He gave five rational proofs for the existence of God. These proofs provide no faith claims but just human reason. For this reason they are still admired today. The one that is considered the most persuasive is the Law Maker Proof. In this proof, Aquinas uses scientific laws and the natural order of the universe to show that there is a God. The Garden Allegory best displays this proof. If in a jungle there is a patch of land resembling a garden that is planted, weeded cultivated, then there must be a gardener. Order does not appear randomly in chaos. These things all are a natural order that humans do not create. Therefore, these laws must entail a lawmaker. This lawmaker can be no other then God himself.

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