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Another subtle form of sex discrimination is when women aren’t taken seriously. For example, some men mistake them for secretaries at business meetings. (Empowering Women). This illustrates an attitude that can hurt a woman’s chance for breaking the glass ceiling

The case of Ezold v. Wolf Block Shorr and Solis-Cohen illustrates how sexual discrimination cases are enforced and viewed by the judicial system. Nacny Ezold, a single mother of two, put herself through law school. Afterwards, she excelled at her job at Wolf Block Schorr and Solis-Cohen. Within six years she was recommended for partnership, but managing partners refused to consider her. Eventually, they offered her a position in which she had no experience and no interest. She sued the law firm and won. To win, written records of her male counterparts were exposed. One allegedly committed malpractice, another disappeared, and another missed critical deadlines. The trial judge found in Ezold’s favor, but the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit overturned the verdict. A review was denied and Ezold was hit with $25,000 in court costs. Despite overwhelming evidence, Ezold had complained to the system that was supposed to enforce sexual discrimination laws and had lost.

While 80 percent of the women polled state that simply being a woman is the main reason for their not advancing, sexual discrimination in the workplace is difficult to prove. For example, there are conflicting statistics regarding the wage gap between men and women. However, in 2003 women do……


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