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This term paper discusses the issues related to war in Iraq. In addition the costs and the troops being killed in the war having no significant outcome.

In fact the strategy in Iraq as we now know was flawed, sending our troops to save those who are killing our soldiers every day, did we really need to risk our troops lives for a bunch of unthankful fools who instead of being grateful are instead quite unhappy with our presence. (Al Jazeera) No definitely such people do not deserve to live; as we know what they have is more important than any single person there.

In addition the continuously rising costs of war show how flawed our strategy was. Knowing we are the only superpower, the only country which can dictate its term and carry out any kind of operation we want to, we should have done a bit of homework and used our strategic strength wisely.

My proposal is not only workable but also quite sensible and since any human rights conventions like Geneva Convention or the International Court of Justice don’t really matter to us, we are above every convention as Abu Gharib torture, Guantonomo Bay prisons to name only two recent incidents.

Mr. Bush should have instead used the all the arsenal at his disposal. Using the nuclear might that we are so proud of, he should have zapped all of the countries mentioned before, for their brazen behavior, knowing that United States and the present government do not tolerate any impudence. It would have been over in a matter of hours and everyone who had weapons of mass destruction or possibly could develop one should have been stopped in a more effective and timely manner.

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