Name: _______________________  Date: 26th November 2006
Title of Book
When Objects Talk: Solving a Crime with Science

Author: Mark P. Friedlander Jr. and Terry M. Phillips Publication Date: 2001
Lerner Publications Co   Source: Minneapolis, MN

Audience Age/Grade: Grade level: 5-12 Genre: Science

Curriculum Connections: resource for a high school unit on forensic science

The book starts by detailing a fictional murder taking place.  Each subsequent chapter shows a systematic step-by-step method of a criminal investigation. Each procedure is analyzed in detail also the methods which are used to evaluate evidence are discussed. Description and explanation of the legal terms is also given in the book. Illustrative pictures show each evidence also keep the interest of the reader.  Conventional topics related to investigations like DNA and blood testing, ballistics, and autopsies, and fingerprinting are also discussed. In addition, this book also includes the role of geochemistry, anthropology, and serology in forensics.

Evaluation: When Objects Talk: Solving a Crime with Science is an absorbing story of how evidence is gathered and investigated to help explain crime. The authors blend realistic information with an imaginary episode to describe their methods.

What reached you?

This book is excellent because it not only entertains but more importantly allows the reader to learn about crime investigation in a very engaging manner. And the crime story itself is very readable.


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