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This essay focuses on issues related to solving problems. Good process analysis occurs when writing often combines several of the thinking and writing strategies.

Process Analysis


Good process analysis occurs when writing often combines several of the thinking and writing strategies.  For example, in a computer programming class, if a person does not have a particular definition, or a precise definition, they will wind up doing something that the person does not want them to do. The person just wrote a program where it opens up a file, and then it displays information. In their user documentation, they took the liberty of stating that they assumed the file is going to be at this place in the computer. If it is not in this place, then the program will not work. With this happening this person has learned in English about process analysis, which includes seeing something for what it is,

analyzing,  processing it, getting just the important information out of it.   This is going to really help the person in their computer science class because no one realize they use process analysis in their daily lives, therefore proof must be provided.

Cause and Effect Strategy

In using the cause and effect strategy in analyzing problems, a person will rationalize the causes of the problem.  Then they will rationalize why causes produce the effects, therefore, giving themselves realistic reasons for the cause and effect strategy.  In the work environment, when there is potential layoffs for workers, the manager must make an effort to ask someone such as a human resources management director to meet with the staff and give reaction about the future plans of the organization. Another way is to post a memo by the manager themselves to cease the panic by the workers.  Therefore, when it comes to cause and effect in daily life, it must assume proof is need nobody realize they use it.

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