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Censorship is a way through which protection is placed on material which may be inappropriate. A consequence of this however is that censorship limits the freedom of speech which people have. It is due to this purpose that many people are against censorship. People do believe that it is required to censor some of the things which are available in today’s society. But the argument arises due to the fact that everyone’s rights are meddled with.

Every since the dawn of civilization, society has decided what is right and wrong. In today’s society, everything which the media shows is censored. Movies, music, TV shows and even some parts of the news are censored in one form or another. For many years now, society has placed some form of censorship and restrictions on the media.

Before America became a country, there were two basic rights which citizens of the United States had. These two rights wee freedom of speech and of the press (Friedman).

There has always been a clash between people wanting the freedom of speech and the concern for how this would affect people of society (Friedman). This has also caused…

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