The beginning of any essay is the most important part as it leads your readers to read the entire essay. If your essay introduction is not up to the mark and lacks the knack of evoking curiosity among the readers than they may leave it as it may be a waste of time for them. The purpose of this article is to exactly guide how to write an appealing introduction of the essay. Below are some useful tips for you to ponder.

Make a Strong Start

The first few lines are vital to grab readers’ attention. You can start with a catchy phrase or question to evoke curiosity among the readers as to discover further. You can start with a famous quote or some statistical information if your essay is for instance talking about AIDS in the USA that how many people are affected by the disease yearly.

Background Information

It is very important to briefly summarize the background of your essay. You can highlight the most important points of the essay as to give readers an idea what is your essay going to discuss in the main body.

Thesis Statement

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