Sample Essay

Words 560

Ireland is my country, although there have been other opportunities—like seeking  my degree from other institutions abroad I have chosen Ireland because I feel most comfortable here with the English speaking environment,  friendly people and culture which I can relate to. Therefore Ireland is my first choice particularly Dublin as it is a cosmopolitan city.

I plan to initially work for different organizations after my graduation. This I intend to do because I want to gain experience and hand-on knowledge about working in a professional environment as my ultimate aim is to join my family business after getting sufficient knowledge and experience from other concerns.

I am a hard and diligent worker in addition I am very active person. I believe that if one works hard and with dedication then no goal is far from him or her and that it is the only way to achieve one’s goals and objectives as hard work always pays off especially when you believe in yourself and are dedicated to your goals and career choices then even if you do struggle initially then in the end you achieve what you want if you work hard enough. I have learned that things are not easily attainable but if you give it time and struggle long enough then there are more chances of being successful.


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