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Stereotyping refers to having a prior judgment about something or someone. This phenomenon is still present today as much as it was 2000 years ago. Philosophers as well as social thinkers have given much attention to his topic and have tried to understand it.

Due to this, there are many theories which exist on stereotyping. This essay talks about the cognitive approaches which see categorization as being an important cognitive process which is what leads to stereotyping. This is known as depressing dilemma (Hamilton).

Stereotyping through prejudice is seen as having a derogatory attitude or belief, expression of negative effects or displaying behavior which is discriminating towards members of a certain group due to them being members of that particular group (Brown). This definition implies stereotyping to be a group process which occurs through an individual’s psyche.

Another idea of stereotyping is to think wrong of others without any reason and to make up one’s mind without having any form of personal experience (Allport). This pre-judgment is generally what leaders to stigmatization to occur of individuals within that specific group.

This essay aims to analyze these specific points by making use of categorization and amalgamating the 3 features of stereotyping which have been demonstrated. The…

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