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Ever since athletes and sports have existed, humans have wanted better ways to make athletes stronger, faster and better. Steroids is one of the most popular choices made by athlete’s in order to perform better in their sport. Steroids were first created in 1930’s. These are synthetic hormones which have the ability of producing certain physiological effects on the human body (Center for Substance Abuse Research).

Despite not having been created for the purpose of body building by the German scientist who created them, steroids developed into something which athletes made use of. This has led to many controversial topics regarding the use of steroids and the health and moral risks concerned with it. The use of steroids by athletes is not only physically wrong, it is morally wrong as well. This is because not only does it deteriorate the health of the athlete making use of the steroid, it leads to the competition being unfair.

Athletes who make use of steroids in sports undoubtedly believe that the drug gives them an edge over their competitors. Studies however have shown that the risks of steroids outweigh the benefits of using them, particularly if an adolescent makes use of it. The steroids used by athletes today; anabolic and androgenic are seen to have unfavorable…

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