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The purpose of this article is to highlight some mistakes that you are likely to commit when writing essays with a tired brain.

Writing is an art and it requires great degree of imagination and creativity. As a writer it is very important to be clear headed and fresh as to be more effective. When you write with a fresh and rejuvenated mind you are likely to be brimming with amazing ideas that can reflect in your writing. You may be more enthusiastic and full of energy and that will reflect in your writing. But when you write when lacking sufficient energy you are very likely to make the most basic mistakes that you never normally make. You will just feel like dragging yourself to the end and just complete your essay writing task in a rush without even taking care of what is considered as proper writing.  Below are some points for you to consider.

You Will Run out of Ideas

When tired chances are that you will just be sitting in front of the computer staring blankly as if pleading to have more ideas. In this state of mind the ideas will stop flowing and you will just be dragging yourself every inch towards the end. Your mind may start drifting elsewhere and you may feel like getting over the task somehow.

Grammatical Mistakes

You will be making the most basic grammar and spelling errors. When you do not feel like writing anymore and are tired you will be making basic spelling errors. You will be repeating statements. For instance, if you have discussed something in the first paragraph you will bring the same argument again in the second or third paragraph which can make your essay look really awkward for the readers.

Loss of Focus

You will start forgetting to include important information in the essay as being tired increases the chances of forgetfulness. This can cause a number of other related problems as well and you may not be able to incorporate critical information for your readers along the way.

Lack of Proofreading

At the end you may skip the most important part of writing and that is to proofread it to check for possible mistakes.

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