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Academic writing is no doubt one of the most fearsome academic activities among the majority of students. Academic writing is indeed not very easy for the students to really admire it and there are certain apparent aspects that make students everywhere hate academic writing. The purpose of this article is to highlight the basic facts that make students run away from academic writing. Below are some points that highlight the major factors that cause students to hate academic writing.

Fear of Rejection

How would you feel if you put long hours and sleepless nights into writing an academic paper and you still receive criticism by the professors? It  is indeed not very enjoyable and such negative remarks make students fear writing papers over and over as they feel that the no matter how hard they try they will never end up meeting their professors’ high expectations.

The Element of Conducting Research

Academic writing is indeed very difficult as you just write anything that comes in your mind. To write a high quality term paper you have to conduct thorough research to find and weigh the facts important to provide information as well as create arguments to prove or disprove your personal opinions with examples as evidence. These factors can make research one of the most difficult aspects of writing academic papers and that can be one of the reasons why students hate writing academic papers.



Writing Error Free Papers

The next factor is writing with flair and purpose. Not many students possess good writing skills where they can write with authority and with minimal grammatical and spelling errors. Most of the students are prone to making silly grammatical and spelling errors making the element of rejection from professors apparent and as a result students, rather than having a soft corner for writing, fear writing papers again and again thinking that no matter what they do the outcome is going to be the same.

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