Plagiarism is a heinous academic crime and must be stopped everywhere to ensure honest academic learning. Despite knowing the harmful consequences of plagiarism certain students still carry on doing it. The purpose of attending academic institutions, colleges and universities is not to get over writing assignments such as term papers, essays and research papers in an easy manner through illegal means as plagiarism. The purpose of these writing assignments is to enhance independent and critical thinking abilities in students. It provides the platform for the students from where they can acquire various problem solving techniques that can also help later in life. The purpose of this article is to highlight the factors that encourage plagiarism among students when writing essays. Below are some points highlighted for you to find out why.

Plagiarism as an Easy Way Out

Some students are lazy and do not really like the idea of spending long hours conducting research and writing reports and other academic papers. Plagiarism provides them an easy access to writing lengthy papers. In addition, it saves their time for other illegitimate activities.

Due to Fear or Confusion

Sometimes students may not be able to completely grasp the specific instructions provided by the instructor to write papers and as a result they turn to adopting illegal ways of writing essays for the sake of getting through the course by not having to get low grades or failure. They may not be very well aware of various writing formats properly to write papers and opt for plagiarism.



Other Obligations

Some students may have other responsibilities such as job and family to look for and the idea of writing term papers overwhelms them and as a result they turn to plagiarism to get over their writing assignments in an easy manner.

Plagiarism is illegal and will remain so no matter what the situation is. Consequently, it is best to adopt the legitimate ways to avoid harsh penalties that plagiarism can cause. If you are having problems writing your academic papers you can seek custom writing services of We can guarantee you original and plagiarism free papers according to your needs and specifications.


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