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With the rise of the twentieth century, the United States of America has seen many changes in the lifestyles of families. Due to many homosexuals coming out into society, the definition of the word ‘family’ has certainly changed and a new kind of importance has been attached to it.

Many homosexuals decided to come out and be open about their sexuality. Due to this, there has been a great uproar between Americans in society (Carey). The Defense of Marriage Act states that marriage can only take place between a heterosexual couple meaning a man and a woman but is this actually considered fair? Since the United States basis itself on equality, justice and loyalty for all, shouldn’t homosexual marriages be allowed? Since all Americans have been given these rights, gays and lesbians should be included in ‘everyone’ as well. One of the issues which revolve around homosexuals is the fact that they want to adopt children in order to be able to begin a family. If homosexuals were given the right to get married, they would not have to go through the trouble of having to adopt children.

Whether the child whom homosexuals have is from a previous heterosexual marriage, artificially created or it is a co-parent adoption, homosexuals will fighting for their rights and find ways by which they can begin a family of their own. They too need…

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