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Most people have in their lives been to a doctor at least once if not more. If you have been to the doctor, you have had an experience of the health care system which is prevalent in your country in general and your society in particular. This paper will talk about the health care system.

There is no doubt that there are problems with the health care system. This paper will firstly explain what these problems are after which we will discuss how these problems can be solved in order to help improve the health care system.

Nothing in this world is perfect and thus, the solutions will also not work at all times. This is why next we will talk about what problems are associated with the solutions and why these are still better than no solution at all. In the conclusion, we will talk about what effects the health care system really has on the people of a society.

Most people in the United States consider their health and health care to be more of a luxury rather than seeing it as something important. Many people in fact do not go for health checkups either. It has been estimated that around 47 million people in America which accounts for 20% of the whole population under the age of 65 were found not to have health insurance in 2008 (US Census Bureau). Despite not being a shock to most people…..

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