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Sample Essay – Technology Impact on Education

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The way in which teaching is conducted in the classroom is affected to a great extent by technology. The materials used to teach students have developed and the way in which these materials are used to help students understand has experienced much change.

It is due to the development and advancement in technology due to which teachers are able to use various things in classrooms today. Technology has brought about great changes in the classroom setting such as the development of books and the internet as sources of data and these are major factors which have contributed to this advancement.

The teaching process has not only become easier but it has experienced much development due to the developments which have occurred in the field of technology. An example of this could be the printing press. It was due to this machine that textbooks could be mass produced which made them easily available to students (Anderson). Schools now have the ability to teach with every child using a copy of the textbook rather than the teacher teaching out of one which is generally how students were taught in the past. Not only were children affected by the printing press and the printing of books and novels, the general population was given a chance to become educated. As time passed by…

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