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For a while now heated discussions have been going on to ascertain what actually intelligence is. No concrete rather no standard definition has been available to completely and aptly describe intelligence. All that has been read and heard about intelligence and any intelligent person seems relative to the time and occasion.  The ability to analyze, having the capacity to learn etc all seem vague and do not tend to describe the depth of the word intelligence.

Coming to an aspect that is always associated when it comes to analyzing one’s intelligence, it is the IQ test or the Intelligence Quotient test. It is one of the most common features whenever it comes to assessing an individual’s potential and is part of most assessment tests for jobs, admission tests etc. IQ tests are based on questions that tend to examine an individual’s reasoning, logic, smartness, analysis skills and basic problem solving techniques. If going by this measure, it implies that intelligence is nothing but a combination of smartness, quick problem solving skills and logical approach. Questions like finding the missing element, anagrams etc tend to measure an individual’s intelligence.

Another school of thought disagrees with the validity of the IQ test and believes that it’s just a theoretical test and cannot measure an individual’s skills when faced with practical problems.

I believe there is no standard method to define such attributes associated to human beings like intelligence, bravery etc. These are all relative terms. No human being is similar to the other one hence the level of intelligence for everyone is vastly different and cannot be standardized.

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