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The deadly hydrogen bomb’s working principle is based on the Theory of Relativity which was proposed by one of the most noted scientist Albert Einstein in the year 1905.  In his theory, Einstein suggested that mass, if travelling at the speed of light gets converted into energy. This can mathematically be represented by the equation e=mc2.

This idea was adopted by Germans and applied to atoms of Uranium. The idea was to bombard a uranium atom with neutrons so as to split the atom into two. This process is also known in Physics as a fission reaction and its counterpart, the fusion reaction is one in which atoms are combined or fused together.  All these discoveries are what became the basis of some of the deadliest weapons mankind has so far created.

The process of fission is used to start an unstoppable chain reaction by bombarding an atom with neutron which upon splitting produces further neutrons that bombard other atoms and continue the process. This process is highly fast paced and the neutrons multiply exponentially causing further. Fusion on the other hand causes atoms to be combined as a result of which the extra neutrons get converted into energy and this energy is enormous. This was practically experienced when scientists carried out test explosions and estimated the energy released to be equal to millions of tons of TNT.

In conclusion, it must be kept in mind that such deadly weapons threat not only the current population but their coming generations as well. Hence countries should avoid taking such measures which pose threat to mankind.

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