What is a thesis statement?

Thesis statement is an initial process of writing an academic thesis paper in the Master’s or Doctoral academic program. It basically consists of arguments regarding your chosen topic. It works as a road map for the reader initially. It consists of arguments based on facts and supportive evidence to convey to the readers that what they can expect in the main project. A thesis statement consists of a message or an argument in a sentence or a paragraph that summarizes your main thesis in a precise and an articulate way to build the initial building blocks for the main academic thesis. Your thesis statement must be written in a convincing way to prove to your readers that whatever arguments you are going to provide along with logical facts and figures are true. Following are certain tips on how to develop an effective thesis statement.

Providing New Ideas

Your thesis statement must consist of some new idea and approach regarding your particular academic field. The main purpose of thesis writing is basically to make addition to already existing knowledge and to provide something entirely new to fill the gaps of knowledge. You must aim to convince your reader that your claims regarding a particular field are true providing evidence. For instance, can you prove that aliens really exist and if they really do don’t you think they must be technologically much advanced than human beings?

Provide Assertions

Build argumentative assertions to summarize your conclusions after reviewing the literature. Your assertions should be relevant, focused and specific about the topic and must provide enough evidence to prove your claims right. Your assertions must identify with the evidence you provide in your thesis statement.

Outline the Purpose

Your thesis statement should be written in such a way that after reading it your reader should be able to identify the main purpose, scope and direction of your paper. The reader should know the essence of your thesis.

Make sure that the thesis you develop is intended to fill the gaps of knowledge by making new additions to what already exists. You can come up with new theories with the support of already existing facts. If you simply provide already existing answers to various problems or questions then writing a thesis is simply not productive and you will not be able to learn anything new and provide new ideas and solutions to the society.

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