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How many times have you repeated the same boring statement, “ I just hate writing essays”. Probably every time you get one to write and being in high school or college you frequently get those. Forget about hating to write essays until you complete your studies. You will come across writing many more in years to come if you have just started your college. Now the question is why do you score low all the time despite putting immense efforts writing your essays to get good grades? This article is exactly going to point out these issues that you need to read and digest so the next time you try you get a better grade. Below are some points for you to consider.

Avoid Dull Topics

Try to find a unique topic. There are some topics that have been overly written and they are likely to be the main culprit for scoring low in your essays. Topics like death penalty, drug abuse, abortion, teen pregnancy, use of contraceptives are some of the topics that are written so many times that they may make your work boring to read. Find something unique, something really different to make an impression.

Dig Deeper

Many students write apparent things in their essays. It is very easy to write on things that are obvious. Try digging deeper into your essay and find issues that are new and interesting.

Maintain Focus

At times students have a tendency to lose concentration during the process and as a result they make a mess. Avoid that as it is not going to do any good to your score. Maintain focus throughout with necessary breaks in between the task to regroup.

The Element of Preciseness….

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